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Our City. Our Neighborhoods.

Our Home.

Philadelphia is one of America’s great cities. The birthplace of our Nation, a bastion of the civil rights movement, and the home of the Eagles (go Birds!), Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers; Philadelphia has defined the vision, resilience, and grit that makes America a beacon of light for so many around the world.

It's time to

make our city better

The greatness of our city, and its people, has never been in doubt for Philadelphians…except for our leaders. City Hall forgot that while Philly is great, their job is to strive to make our city better. Better schools, better roads, and better, safer neighborhoods for our kids

That’s why we’re here. A group of committed Philadelphians who believe that Philly is the greatest city in America, but we must be better.

Join us today in fighting for a better Philadelphia where our streets are safe, our jobs pay a living wage, and we pick up the damn trash.

for a better philadelphia

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